Friday, January 16, 2009


Im not sure why, but even though I am in 10th grade, it feels like im traveling back to 9th in my new schools curiculum. Everyone there is just.. really.. different than people I knew back in Chicago; Walmart is in, and everyone is a slut. That being said, the past week fate dropped me in to the boring-ish crowd. I met a few nice people and like it there. The in crowd on the other hand, they have approached me maybe, 2 times. The first time, they walked up and said "Whats your name again?" in there thick accents even thought they know my name. The second, they tried to ask me who I liked... Seriously? was what I wanted to say but of course I said no one.

Anyways, I really like it here weather wise, and shop wise. There are just so many places to go. Ive been biking around a lot, and seeing all sorts of things. Yet a lot of times, ive just been outside the house [we stay in] reading, or doing work, or whatever.
Heres when I was bored and using self timer :D;


Mimi said...

The 2nd outfit is so cute.

Bambola said...

I really like the second one too!!

And - I wouldn't mark you as the star/butterfly idiot! Everyone has their own tastes, which is why tattoos are always interesting. I think a purple lizard would actually look quite cool. I hope you'll post a picture if & when you do get it.

Anonymous said...


thanks you two! mimi; its the same outfit :p

Anonymous said...

changing high schools is so frustrating! i know, I've done it!! well, at least you're smart enough to see that what's "cool" isn't always what is best for you. I'd hate to see you fall from a cute spunky fashionista to a walmart slut (hehe).

<33 and adorable pictures!

Twiggy Mod said...

Ahhhhhh bird these are the cutest pictures ever I love them.

Haha nooooo we dont like Georgie, or do we? Twigs...sounds ever so much better haha.


Holly said...

you seem wise/mature beyond your years :) stick it out!