Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its about time... and beaches!

Hey everybody! Its been a long time since I have blogged. Well, let me fill you in on my life;

I spent December with all of my friends back in Chicago, and doing holiday activities with family, building up to my 6 month leave to South Carolina. It was fun while it lasted, but cold.
 If you have been reading my past posts, you should know that my dad was going on a Sabbatical to South Carolina on January 4th. My mom doesn't work, so he got to cart her, my sibs, and I with. So now im typing this I'm invigorating the fresh.. and warm.. South Carolina air through my bedroom window! I haven't started school yet, so I can settle in, but I start Monday the 12th. I dont want to worry about that right now though. So anyways yesterday I went to the beach! Here are some pictures, it was quite an adventure!:


Bambola said...

Welcome back to the land of blog!

Those pictures of the beach look fantastic!!! I love that first one. It looks so professionally done!

Enjoy South Carolina :)

Bambola x

Aurine said...
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Twiggy Mod said...

Welcome back dearest. ♥

Anonymous said...

those pictures are beautiful! Maegan said...

oh you are adorable! I want to be at the beach now!

Twiggy Mod said...

Why are so berloody beautiful!?

Tis not fair, tis not!

Haha loves twigs x