Thursday, December 18, 2008


So today was my last day at school in Chicago, because Saturday is the start of Winter Break, but I dont feel like going to school tomorrow (Friday)- so I'm not, and after that on January 4th I leave for South Carolina for a Sabbatical! My friend Sam, being the wonderful person she is, has decided to go out with me tonight, so we can celebrate my last day of school this year, and the long winter break [2 weeks baby!] ahead :) Here was a tincy bit of our outfits:
Well other than that I'd like to fill everyone in that my blog might be vacant in the next 2 weeks due to my move, and my hectic winter break thats filled with goodbye lunches with friends and family! 

Happy Holidays to you all! xxoxo

Monday, December 1, 2008

Calling all turtle owners!

*Above; Me, My Mom, Mr. Sophie
I have a turtle. I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl until last night, when I went to an animal convention type thing with mine, MR. SOPHIE!.. Well anyways I was there boppin' along with it [at the time I didn't know so I didn't really refer to it as he or she] as little kids faces brightened when they saw it. Then some boy my age with red hair came up; "What is it's name? It's so cute."> "Mr. Sophie.">confused expression. You probably guessed it, he was thinking what the fuck kind of a name is Mr. Sophie. Then... "Funny Name.">"I don't know its gender!"> "Oh, hahaha." *Grabs Mr. Sophie (WITHOUT ASKING!) and feels up his belly. "Its a boy."

So there you have it folks, Mr. Sophie is a boy :D