Sunday, November 2, 2008

the softest eyeshadow of all time

Today, as I was rummaging through different articles on, I came across a great find. (above^^) from Yves Saint Laurent [rest in peace ): ] I added it in Bronze Frost to my wish list on his beauty website. It is called Frozen Eyeshadow. "Amazing and Unique, this delicate powder transforms into a silky and fresh cream when applied, leaving intense ribbons of frosted colour on the eyelids"- website description of product. Mmm, sounds wonderful, I know. As soon as I can cough up $27.00, I'm going straight to the website to purchase it. 

*By the way, Mermaid and Liv, I know you two have tagged me in a MeMe, so I will get to posting that ASAP

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Anonymous said...

I love regina spektor! :]

this eye shadow looks amazing. I like how it comes in the little bottle, makes for a less messy application.

<33 mermaid