Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The weather is changing, like my immune system

Well, I've got a sore throat, along with every other person in my school. The common cold spreads quickly, so dont share chapstick, drinks, or eat someones cough. [Especially this time of season, (fall/winter in Chicago.. idk where the rest of you are).]

Anyway, when I logged into Blogger today, I was very happy :) I have 4 followers! Seems like a milestone for me, since I just got my blog this past October. *Check my followers out, they are pretty darn cool! Anyways, Im in great need of any type of fatty bakery item, especially brownies :p Here are some photos to warm up your senses:

Most found here:


Aurine said...
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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! i hate the fall headache that lingers on us all round this time of year.

i've actually managed to remain quite healthy myself (i probably jinxed it).

but last year this time, i came down with a chronic virus that lasted all fall/winter/beginning of spring.

hope you get up and kickin' soon! <33


rebecca said...

i totally understand your pain :( me too i've caught the cold it seems..
my way of dealing wiht it is lots of nyquil & LOTS of hot chocolate!
hope you get better