Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Intense Ride

IM BACK! Maybe its the fact that I'm in Hawaii and am lonely :( but having a blast! Anyway, on the way we has to drive through some mountains that were freaking HIGH man, HIGH. The first picture below just shows that there were c l o u d s , which explains enough on my watch. The second picture shows backed up traffic [due to] a helicopter that was picking up dead bodys. Dont know how that happened... AND ALSO LOOK REALLY CLOSE IN THE SECOND PICTURE FOR THE STRING THAT THE RESCUERS CLIMBED DOWN! ekkkkk.


Bambola said...

Wow! Both of those pictures are amazing!

What a trek! I hope you had a good time =) xx It's really nice to have you back though

Anonymous said...

omogsh! that's kind of scary about the dead bodies... but beautiful photos, as always.

Twiggy Mod said...


Victoria C said...

wow that msut have been frightening
ps you're so pretty and so are your pictures!

Twiggy Mod said...

hope you had a lovely time welcome back x

tyler. said...

Did you take those photos?
They're brilliant.

Also, this song is beautiful. Who is it?


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