Saturday, November 22, 2008

slight dissapointments

Well, I read Twilight in 3 days flat; those 3 days prior to the movie release (I was in a time crunch). I loved it so much, and just started new moon! Anyways, yesterday I went to the movie with a friend. First we went to one cinema 20 minutes early, sold out! Then we went to another, they had it playing 10 minutes before we got there. Then the next showing was in 20 minutes though, that too was sold out. Then there was a showing at 9:10 which was an hour wait. We took it. A small line was already forming outside the specific twilight theatre doors, and we joined in at the perfect time, soon it went 50 feet back, maybe even farther. Then we waited, and waited.

Finally, the doors opened, and people rushed in. We got a good seat. The movie was a slight disappointment, because it cut out so many good scenes, and it was still very long. Also, the dumbasses in the crowd were laughing at parts that were not supposed to be funny! I was just hoping they would shut the fuck up, but they were ignorant and im guessing half the theatre [laughers] didn't read the book. However, the parts they did include were very well acted, and the actors in it were perfect! The book was 7923487489034789 times better than the movie though.

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