Monday, November 10, 2008


My dad has accepted a sabbatical, in Columbia, South Carolina! I am excited/not so excited about going at the same time, and we are leaving in January. Well I will be enjoying the warm weather during what will be winter in my home state, I dont want to have to leave all my friends of course. Plus, I will be attending an all girls school, a change, where I have to wear a hideous uniform.. Overall, I am excited about it though, to explore South Carolina! Luckily I will be back in August, squeezing in for the start of 11th grade. I will have more on the sabbatical in a while, as the countdown begins!
*I have actually known about this for a while, but wanted an enthusiastic way to fill y'all in :)


lemon drops&tea said...

your blog is so cute!
im adding you to my
blogroll, if thats okay.
Love the music by the way.. would it happen to be from the movie "Atonement?"
its sounds familiar.

notebookdoodles said...

that's interesting news!


Twiggy Mod said...

Ahhh how exciting :]

Haha, shall we pretend that is my real name, I would feel so much cooler than boring Georgina!

I havnt worn the russian topshop number yet as my mum said the weirdos used to wear stuff like that at school, looks like I am a weird child after all :]

Loves Twigs X

Holly said...

just laughed out loud at the title. ;) you seem way more calm than I would be at that news, but that's good you can still come back to your own school.