Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clean Slate

HEY! So, hence the freaking title, im taking a clean slate! I mean, meh, I didn't like where things were really going (no-where) in my past posts, so im starting fresh and have deleted all posts prior to this one, which were only eight. Consider those ones me expirementing around with what I wanted to write about. Well now, I've got it under control, no worries. I hope you people stay tuned.

Hasta Lluego 

2 comments: Maegan said...

:) it definitely takes a while before you find your voice ...but you'll find it. ...and we'll all just sit back and wait for you

rebecca said...

well, don't worry, just like maegan said, we'll be rooting for you, so no worries hun!
btw..totally loved the songs you picked, especially since i'm a beatlemaniac myself..
i might just add some to my blog too
anyways, good luck..